Is there a minimum number of images for a Magic Pictures 3D Photo Montage Production?

Yes, there is. We ask for a minimum order of 20 images per Magic Pictures montage.  As you will appreciate we have to put a lot of work in to produce the introduction and ending sequences of a montage and to make it worth our time and effort we have to charge for a minimum of 20 images!

How much does a Magic Pictures 3D Photo Montage cost?

We charge $500 USD for working on 20 of your 2D digital photographs transforming them into a magical 3D effect production.  We can produced these anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. Everything is done online.

How long does a Magic Pictures 3D Photo Montage Production take to produce?

We ask for a minimum of six weeks to produce your Magic Pictures 3D Photo Montage.  We can sometimes produce a montage in a shorter period of time than this, however, please contact us to discuss the timescale of your project if you have a deadline less than six weeks away and we will do our best to accomodate your requirements.

Can I include text such as names and dates in my 3D photo montage production?

Yes, you can choose whatever text or message you would like in your montage.  For example some of our clients ask us to include the bride and groom’s names and the date of their wedding ceremony on the cover of a digital album, other clients ask for their family or friends name and their date of birth if they commission a Birthday celebration montage

SectionI like certain animations and elements I have seen in your examples, can you recreate them for me with my images?

Yes, certainly.  We work on each photograph individually and do not use a programme to generate the animations.  We choose each special effect, such as the 3D effects and moving elements, on a photograph by photograph basis so if there are certain elements you like then please let us know prior to us starting work on your montage.  If you decide you want a specific element included after we have completd the draft of your montage we will charge an additional fee to incorporate the effect retrospectively.

How do I pay for my Magic Pictures Montage?

We accept payments through Paypal or by direct bank account transfer, we ask for payment in full before we start producing your montage.

How do I send my photographs to you and in what format?

We ask for all photographs to be sent to us in JPEG format through a service such as where you can set up a free account. our use our free upload server found at

I only have actual printed photographs and not digital images, how can I send these images to you?

We ask that you scan the images to convert them into digital files.  If you don’t have a scanner there are businesses that offer this service and put them on a CD for you.  Just copy the digital JPEG files from the CD onto your computer and upload them to us through or our FREE upload service at