Magic Pictures Disney Pixar ‘UP’ Themed Wedding Photo Montage

By | Video, Wedding

We produced this photo montage for the clients wedding reception based on their favourite movie – the award winning Dney Pixar animated film of the year ‘UP’.

The clients wanted to share their most treasured memories with their family and wedding guests in the style of thier favourite film. We created a book of memories similar to the one in the movie and incorporated photographs of their travels together.

The clients staged the perfect entrance to their wedding reception… the closing scenes of the montage include the new bride and groom flying through the sky holding onto a bunch of balloons landing outside their wedding reception venue with swirls of clouds surrounding them. At the actual venue the couple used a smoke machine to recreate the cloud effects which they pumped in through the door thet were entering the reception room through to the amazement and delight of their wedding guests.

This is a montage you have to watch. A lovely couple. We loved creating this montage for them.

If you have an idea in mind you would like us to produce for your wedding reception please get in touch… we will surpass your expectations.

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